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My mission is to help you break free from period pain and reclaim your vitality.

Work with me in a group setting or one-on-one. My services include Āyurvedic consultations, live Yoga classes and workshops, as well as a virtual wellness membership.

Reconnect to your natural rhythms and watch your life transform. You’ll feel renewed energy, balanced emotions, and enjoy a life where PMS and period pain are no longer in charge.

Spiro Collective: Ayurvedic Practitioner in Buffalo, NY

Here’s How We Can Work Together


Get Clarity

Get a clear picture of your health, including the root causes of symptoms you’re facing and the first steps you can take to rebalance naturally. This 90-minute session includes detailed follow-up notes, resources, and a blueprint for your next steps.

Go Deep to Transform

You’ll never be the same. Watch your digestion, menstrual health, sleep, and habits transform with this 3-month, high-support coaching package. Includes 8 live sessions (including the Health Clarity session), a 3-day guided food cleanse, and more.


Flourish in Flow

Flourish in Flow helps women trapped in stress, mood swings, and period problems find calm, healthy menstruation, and better energy through targeted Yoga and Āyurvedic practices shared in community that take 30 minutes or less.

Spiro Collective: Ayurvedic Practitioner in Buffalo, NY


Rejuvenate and Restore

Experience the transformative journey of Supreme Release Yoga, tailored specifically for women seeking natural solutions to menstrual health challenges.

Divine Feminine Embodiment

Unlock deep-seated tension along the spine and pelvis, paving the way for a harmonious menstrual cycle and a renewed sense of confidence and calm.


Learn more about my Āyurveda and Yoga Services

What is Āyurveda?

Āyurveda is an ancient system of medicine and healing that originated in the Indus Valley over 5,000 years ago. In Āyurveda, we see each individual as unique, and prescribe natural treatments based on the individual’s unique mind/body type, known as the dosha. Āyurveda is a sister science to Yoga, and the Yogic practices complement Āyurveda in providing a path to true healing.

How does Āyurveda help menstrual health issues?

Menstrual health issues come from imbalances in digestion, hormones, and excess stress and tension in the body. An Āyurvedic approach is holistic and natural: we take a comprehensive look at your unique health history and symptomology to determine the root cause of the menstrual health issues. As a result, we can remove the root cause (without the use of medications) and help restore balance and harmony naturally and with no side effects.

How do I choose an Āyurvedic practitioner?

To choose an Āyurvedic practitioner, consider your needs: are you looking for just a second opinion, or are you ready to make lifestyle changes to support your health? 

Check reviews and see what results other clients have experienced. You can also sign up for a free strategy call or consultation to ensure that your personalities align. When choosing an Āyurvedic practitioner look into the practitioners lineage and training. You want to ensure that your Āyurvedic practitioner takes a truly holistic approach and cares about their clients. 

Can Yoga help PMS?

Yes, Yoga can help reduce PMS. The breathing practices and postures, as well as time spent in meditation, can help to ease mood swings, anxious thoughts, and support more regular digestion. Specific Yoga practices like Supreme Release Yoga can have the additional benefits of reducing period cramps and helping to restore regularity to your menstrual cycle.

Is it OK to do Yoga during your period?

Yes, you can do Yoga during your period depending on the style. Fast-paced, power Yoga, and hot Yoga is not appropriate to do during menstruation because it is overly taxing on the body. Restorative styles are best. Yoga styles like Supreme Release Yoga can be therapeutic during menstruation and help to ease period cramps and other symptoms.

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Learn how I help women get rid of period pain, PMS, and other menstruation issues naturally with the soul-nourishing practices of Āyurveda and Yoga.

Spiro Collective: Ayurvedic Practitioner in Buffalo, NY
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