Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • “I want to stop being so stressed and anxious – it’s driving me (and my partner) crazy.”
  • “I know I could be healthier, but every time I try a new diet or exercise routine, it just doesn’t stick.”
  • “I don’t know if it’s my hormones, my job, or what – but I’m not as happy as I could be.”

If this is you – I hear you and you’re not the only one.

Things look fine on paper. But your bad moods, crazy periods, or lack of energy are telling you that things need to improve, and FAST. 

How would you feel if:

  • You knew that your diet and exercise were actually helping you feel better not worse. 
  • You had energy after you left work, instead of feeling burned out.
  • You have the confidence to speak your mind because you’re no longer a people pleaser or fear being seen as “high maintenance.”

I have good news: you are completely capable of achieving all of these things.

I’m Sam, founder of Spiro Collective. I use Ayurveda to help women balance their hormones, have more energy, and stop feeling stressed.

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that helps us create habits that just feel good. We take your unique personality, body, and experiences into account – no cookie cutter, generic tips here. 

When you work with me, whether it’s in an Ayurvedic coaching session, private yoga, or to help you to get pregnant, I combine Ayurveda with my background as a PhD in nutrition, doula, and yoga instructor with over 1,500 hours of teaching experience. (To learn more about my trainings and certifications, click here!

That’s right…I got a PhD in nutrition and realized in my research that we’re missing some important lessons on how to live a happy and healthy life – lessons that I was able to find in the ancient Ayurveda and yoga practices.

Now I use it all – ancient and modern, Eastern and Western – to help you get the results you want. I know that health and balance are possible for every person on this planet. 

So what happens in an Ayurvedic
or private yoga session with me?

Sam is caring, energetic, knowledgeable, and a great listener.
I had pain in my back and very tight shoulders making me suffer... Believe it or not after seeing Sam I had almost no more back pain and felt so relaxed.
Sam pushes your physical strength, challenges your mental awareness and gives you pieces of spiritual wisdom with every class. Sam is truly an exceptional coach!

Mojdeh G.

Working with Sam has been a wonderful experience! Sam asked the right questions to get to know my goals and priorities quickly, and then offered highly customized solutions during our sessions. I’ve made several positive changes as a result of our time together. And, Sam is deeply knowledgeable and lovely to be around. Great experience, highly recommend!

Jill W.

Doing yoga with Sam has transformed my confidence in my skills and in myself. Sam is kind, perceptive, passionate, and prioritizes teaching over telling. I've gone from feeling "meh" about yoga to absolutely loving it, and more importantly, sticking to it! I HIGHLY recommend Sam to anyone looking to develop a passion for yoga.

Maya N.

I'll admit I was a bit hesitant and skeptical at first about having a doula. However, after speaking and meeting with Sam, I was convinced! Not only does she know a lot about birth but just her presence made me feel at ease. Sam was there with me from beginning to end, and I honestly could not have imagined my experience without her. She also was fantastic helping me out adjusting to mom life!

Delaney M.

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