Yogeswari Jessica Bertin: Listening to the Universe and Selfless Service

Today’s interview is with Yogeswari Jessica Bertin, founder of Twisted and Found, and it’s a *great* one. YJB is one of my dearest friends – we met working in specialty coffee back in 2008 – and she is now also a yoga teacher and practitioner. We laugh because our conversations always skip the “how are you”s and go straight to deep conversations about living our yoga and being present in the world.

After she last visited in January, I realized it was time to get her on the podcast, so you could all hear from her wisdom as well. YJB is an inspiration and example of getting curious about your values and desires in this world and then rearranging life to actually live it.

You’ll hear in this episode why she initially had no interest in trying yoga, what made her start, and what kept her going in the practice and led her to do her teaching training at Integral Yoga in New York City, and to staff and lead retreats and teacher trainings at Yogaville, the Swami Satchitananda ashram in Virginia.

There is so much goodness in this episode about being open to the path that unfolds before you and setting up your life to live completely within your values. I hope you enjoy this podcast – I know I’ll be listening in multiple times.


Yogeswari Jessica Bertin is the founder of Twisted and Found, where she makes wreaths and crowns from invasive wild woody vines found in woods around the country. YJB  is a certified Integral Yoga Teacher, and spends 3 to 4 months each year staffing retreats and teacher trainings at Yogaville in Virginia. A native New Jersian, YJB teaches Yoga workshops across the country, including Yoga for Baristas, having over a decade of experience in specialty coffee. She is a human, educator, and expert in hospitality. Learn more about Twisted and Found on Instagram at @twistedandfound and Etsy at

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