Dr. Rachel Aronson DPT, PT: Why We Need Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Hi all – I am so excited for today’s podcast with Dr. Rachel Aronson, DPT, PT and owner of Core Elements Physical Therapy. Rachel is a pelvic floor physical therapist and works with people at all stages of life. I went to see her after having my baby to help with postpartum support and recovery, and I was so impressed by her deep knowledge and care about the subject.

I had so many questions, I needed to get her on the podcast!! I believe that pelvic floor physical therapy is a must for all women postpartum, and I wanted to spread the word on how beneficial it is.

In this episode, Rachel shares about her postpartum journey, how she healed her body, and what she now provides for women (and men!) to help them reconnect to their pelvic floors. She also shares how to know if you need to see a pelvic floor physical therapist, and how to find one.

This is an incredibly informative conversation, and I recommend it for anyone that has experienced issues with incontinence, low back pain, tailbone pain, has had a baby, or just wants to know their bodies better.

Rachel Aronson, DPT, PT, is the owner of Core Elements Physical Therapy, a clinic that specializes in Women’s Health located in Arlington, VA.  She is a resident of Arlington, a Mom of 2, and a fitness enthusiast. Rachel has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy received from Duke University in 2005.  Since then, she has worked in the orthopedic environment, and during that period shifted her focus towards Women’s Health Physical Therapy. After her own experiences with pregnancy and birth left her feeling depleted, her curiosity led Rachel towards this amazing sub specialty.  Inspired by her desire to deliver focused, holistic, validating, and expert care, Rachel opened her own clinic in 2015. Rachel has a compassionate, kind, and passionate personality and is committed to helping women restore themselves, whether it’s during the child bearing years, or at another time in their lives. 

Learn more about Rachel at, and be sure to check out her pelvic floor workshops she hosts each month!

Listen to the episode here!

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