My favorite postpartum products and tools

Theo is 4 months old. It’s been an absolute whirlwind – I can’t believe it’s been 1/3 of a year since he came into our lives, and it’s so joyful. I wanted to share some of my favorite postpartum resources with you today – the things that have made my life a little easier, sweeter, and better in this new experience.

(And – I also want to hear about the products and tools that you’ve used during times of transition and upheaval. Reply to this email to let me know the things that keep you feeling your best.)

The Instant Pot

I was a late convert to the Instant Pot party. In fact, our Instant Pot sat unused in our house for 10 months because I thought it was too much trouble to learn how to use it. But we slowly started pulling it out, got a little more comfortable with it, and now I don’t know what we would have done without it these last 4 months.

A few reasons why it’s been so important for me. First, Ayurvedically speaking, the postpartum period is one where a high Vata dosha imbalance is common. After childbirth, your organs are all rearranging as your uterus shrinks, and it means your digestion isn’t that strong. To balance Vata and help your digestive system, Ayurveda recommends eating soups and stews – well-cooked, easy-to-digest, soft foods. Instant Pot made this possible.

Secondly, the fact that we could do 10 minutes of chopping, close up the Instant Pot, and just need to salt or add some garnish before eating makes that Instant Pot an incredibly baby friendly cooking method. Constant stirring or adding ingredients every 5 minutes is not possible. There’s no fear with the Instant Pot that you’re going to burn anyone or anything. It is what made it possible for Shaun and I to eat at home so consistently.

A few of our favorite recipes that we make in the Instant pot:

The hype is real. Get on it!


Fridababy and Fridamom Products

I don’t know what we would do if Frida didn’t exist. They make well-designed, simple tools for moms and babies. For Theo, we use the snot sucker, cradle cap solution, and the nail clippers. I used the disposable underwear (so much better then the hospital stuff….I actually felt like I was wearing real clothes) and the Peri bottle.

If you’re looking to purchase anything for new moms or babies, check if Frida makes a version, and purchase that one.


Marco Polo

Typing and holding a baby at the same time is hard. Marco Polo is a video app that allows you to send messages as long or as short as you want to people in your life and they can reply whenever they want. This has been such an important one for me for connecting over the last four months. Getting on the phone is hard when you don’t know how long the baby is going to sleep or you just have a quick moment to send a message. And, you can respond whenever is convenient for you – no problem if you have to interrupt a message. It’s a free app and so worth it.

Seraphine Coat with Baby Insert

Thank you to my mother-in-law for this amazing coat. I used it daily during the end of pregnancy and during our winter days with Theo as a newborn. It is cut for pregnant folks and has an insert so you can have your baby in a carrier and block them from the wind and cold.

Yes, I would get funny looks because people didn’t realize I had a baby inside my coat. But without it, there were so many days we would have stayed inside because it was too cold or windy to have the baby in the stroller.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy at Core Elements Physical Therapy

If you’ve given birth, you know that it does a number on your body. I was in shock the first time I got on the floor to stretch and realized I didn’t know how to engage my abs, pelvic floor, or butt muscles. I have been relearning everything about my body from scratch. At 7 weeks postpartum, I went to visit Dr. Rachel Aronson, a pelvic floor physical therapist (you can learn more about her and why pelvic floor PT is so amazing in the podcast we did together!). She confirmed that my body was starting to relearn how to engage different muscles and gave me a path to safely return to and then ramp up my exercise. I’m so grateful that she exists because she gave me the tools I needed and the confidence to move in my body again.

Revolution Motherhood

Revolution Motherhood is the brainchild of my yoga teacher and dear friend, Rachel Welch. It’s a postpartum rehabilitation program that incorporates functional movements, barre, and yoga to help you repattern your muscles and regain strength from the inside out. There is truly nothing else like this program, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Rachel leaves no muscle untouched (you’ll be sore from the smallest movements!) but she makes sure you actually learn how to build embodied strength, so that you don’t injure yourself during the postpartum period. I do her online program, and at $10/month, it’s a steal. Check it out here.


And of course, I need to mention the cornerstones that made the last 4 months as wonderful as they were: my supportive and engaged husband, the friends that checked in or brought food in those first few weeks, and my meditation practice that kept me grounded, curious, and open through this major transition.


Even if you’re not postpartum, I’d love to hear about the tools that have helped you most during times of change. What makes your life easier and better? Share by replying to this email!


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