Postpartum Doula


It takes two to make a baby, and a village to raise it.

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Your baby is adapting to life outside your womb, and you’re adapting to a new role as a parent and partner. Get expert help so you can enjoy these first few months of parenting, instead of stressing out.


A postpartum doula cares for your baby, but more importantly, cares for you. I’ll be answering questions about breastfeeding, making you nutritious meals, and talking with you about how to navigate your new roles as parents. Your friends and family mean well, but I’m a visitor that offers the best resources, up-to-date information, and evidence-based recommendations for keeping you and your baby feeling your best mentally and physically.


Hiring me as your postpartum doula is a unique experience because you’ll have access to my vast well of resources. I use the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to help nurture you as you nurture your new baby. As a nutritionist, I share what foods will best support your body as you recover (and fortify you if you choose to breastfeed). I’ll help you plan and dream how to best fit your new addition in your family into your already full and fulfilling life.


Hiring a postpartum doula:

  • We’ll meet prenatally to discuss your postpartum plan and ideal schedule.
  • Typical postpartum doula shifts are 3-5 hours, 2-4 days per week.
  • Shifts can begin as early as the day you get home from the hospital and usually continue for 6-12 weeks on average.


Your dollars will do good

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5% of all proceeds from labor doula clients goes to support Every Mother Counts, an organization dedicated to helping mothers get the health care access they need to have safe, successful births.


Rates start at $35/hr. To learn more about postpartum doula services and how they can help you, reach out below!



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