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  • 20 minute yin yoga sequence
    This simple yin yoga sequence will help you find the balance between your inner and outer world. Explore the strength of your body and the softness of your spirit. No yin yoga experience necessary, just bring an open mind and an even breath. Enjoy!
  • Pitta Pacifying Mint Lemonade Recipe
    This delicious and refreshing beverage will keep you well-hydrated all summer long! Make this simple mint lemonade to cool the fire-y pitta so you feel your best!
  • Labor Prep: Visualizing how labor starts
    All labors are unique – you don't know if you'll go into labor at home, at work, if it will proceed quickly or slowly, or if your bag of waters will break or not. Taking time to visualize all of the ways that your labor might begin will help you emotionally prepare for your labor […]
  • Savasana goals: letting go of labels
    The first time I learned the true purpose of savasana and applied it to my practice, I learned an incredible amount about myself and my relationship to the world. In today's episode, learn about letting go of labels and getting in touch with reality through savasana pose. UPCOMING EVENT! June 9th at Take Care Shop […]
  • Finding the Yin in your Everyday Yang
    As I finish up my yin yoga training with Gretchen Schutte (, here are some lessons I learned about finding the yin in our very yang world. PLUS – join me at Take Care Shop in Georgetown on June 9th for my workshop on having a happy and healthy menstrual cycle. Tickets available at