Success Sessions with Samantha Attard

What is “normal life” anyway?

After a year of incredible change, it feels like things are starting to become more normal again. You’re seeing friends more regularly, taking some small trips, and even having in-person work meetings.

What habits do you want to bring forward from this year of social distancing and what are you ready to drop? Maybe you’ve really enjoyed being able to eat at home more and are worried about your digestion when you eat out. Or perhaps you don’t know if you want to re-engage with that social group that you stopped spending time with during the pandemic. 

Now is the time to set yourself up on a new, positive path for your life post-pandemic.

On June 13th and 14th, I’m offering exclusive virtual mini-coaching success sessions. These 30-minute Zoom meetings are your chance to get an expert ear (and mind) to help you dive deep and make a plan.

What we’ll do

In these sessions, I’ll bring together lessons from Ayurveda, modern psychology, yoga, and the best tools of behavioral change to understand the root cause of your issue and explore what you can do to feel confident, well-nourished, and energized.

The details

Our sessions include a questionnaire, meeting recording, and written recap of our conversation. There are only a few sessions available so I can give my best energy and attention to each client.

Once you book and pay for your session, you’ll receive a short agreement and pre-meeting questionnaire, so I can get to know you better and to help direct the focus of our session. Then, all you have to do is log on to Zoom at our appointment time! I take tons of notes during our session and will give you a recording, so you don’t have to worry about remembering everything we talk about.


I’m offering these sessions at a discounted price of $55.

Facing financial difficulty? You can use the discount code “20off” to reduce the price.

Financial abundance? Pay it forward by leaving a 20% tip to help cover the cost for someone else.

Why do a success session?

You could use your session to:

  • figure out why your digestion has been so out of whack and how to get relief
  • decide where to take your summer trip (and how to deal with your family once you get there)
  • understand why getting a consistent exercise routine has been so hard, and how to find one that you can stick with
  • take action on anything else in your life that is causing stress and anxiety

Whatever you could use some support on, I’m here to help you make a plan and move forward.

Spots are limited

Take advantage of this offer – I rarely do single session coaching, and this is a discounted price for one-on-one sessions with me. If you’re ready for multiple sessions that will help create a complete transformation of your health and life, click here to learn about Ayurvedic consultations with me.

If you don’t see a time that works for you or have another support question, reach out on the contact me page here.