Oct 01 2021


12:00 pm - 12:45 pm


Pay what you can (Suggested $9)

Livestream Alignment Yoga

Class is cancelled September 17th. I’ll see you next week! 


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About This Class:
Our alignment class is perfect for when you want to move with a little more instruction and support. Sam creates an engaging, unique yoga sequence to address a specific energetic and anatomical theme. There will be an emphasis on alignment, breath, and calming the mind. Beginners welcome! Sam always offers modifications and the invitation to adjust your practice to suit your body and mind each day. Class is pay what you can with a suggested donation of $12. Register here.


Five percent of all proceeds from class will be donated to CARE India, an organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and reducing social injustice, particularly through elevating women and girls.



  • Set up your yoga mat and any props you like to use in your practice: I recommend that you have a blanket or towel and two yoga blocks (you could use big books, pillows, or cans of tomatoes instead).
  • Turning on your camera is completely optional. Having the camera on means that Sam can see you and offer suggestions and modifications. Set up your laptop far enough away so Sam can see you and the side view of your full mat. Make the whole horizontal mat in the camera frame if possible. Do your best and don’t worry. You and Sam can make adjustments as needed at the beginning of your session if needed.
  • Class will be best viewed on your laptop, though you can use your phone.
  • Sam will ask you at the beginning of class to share privately in the chat if you have any injuries or information to share that day so she can support you with modifications and suggestions.
  • Other questions about class? Send an email to


Get On-Demand Access:
For on demand access to this class (and all of Sam’s other yoga and meditation classes), visit



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