May 10 2022


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Āyurveda 101 Virtual Workshop


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Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test or found out your astrological sign and suddenly felt like everything just made sense?

Now imagine that same feeling, but the results explain your mind, body, preferences, relationships, health symptoms, AND they come with an entire toolkit of healing practices.

That’s the power of Āyurveda.

When you embrace Āyurvedic healing, you:

  • Feel energized and well-rested
  • Achieve healthy digestion without bloating
  • Experience regular, pain-free menstrual cycles
  • Enjoy a calm and peaceful mind

You experience these benefits because Āyurveda uses personalized diet, exercise, meditation, and daily routines as prescriptions for health and balance.

Āyurvedic recommendations might help you realize that you do best with a light breakfast, or that you need heavier fare to sustain your energy throughout the day.

You’ll learn whether a vigorous workout supports motivation and confidence, or if it will leave you depleted and anxious.

And you’ll understand your unique key to feeling balanced and well, whether it’s cultivating more connection, leaning into relaxing routines, or getting up and taking action.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll discover your unique body/mind archetype (dosha) and learn the particular practices that will bring you into balance daily and seasonally.

What We’ll Do:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Āyurveda, including the unique energies that flow throughout nature and in each of us.
  • Experience the flow of these energies through a short, beginner-friendly meditation.
  • Discover what the unique balance of these energies are within you, so you can identify the strengths and challenges that come with it.
  • Explore the food, daily routines, movements, and more that can help you restore balance physically and mentally.

What You’ll Need:

  • A journal and pen
  • Comfortable clothes to practice Yoga (no Yoga experience necessary!)
  • A mug of ginger tea or your favorite beverage
  • An open and curious mind


About your Teacher: Samantha Attard, PhD, is founder of Spiro Collective, where she incorporates Yoga, meditation, Āyurveda, and modern nutrition to help people de-stress and find their unique path to optimum health, with a particular focus in enhancing reproductive health. She received her PhD in Nutrition at UNC Chapel Hill, where she first saw the power of combining Eastern and Western medicine for healing. Sam is happiest when she’s finding edible plants in the wild and lives in Buffalo, NY with her husband and toddler son.



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