Are you getting enough protein?

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Likely, yes. Most of us do not have a protein deficit – just 8-10 oz of meat can meet the daily recommendation of protein for most adults!


When and how we consume protein is another story.

Many of us focus our protein to 1 or 2 meals with a big hunk of meat.


Instead, aim to spread your protein intake throughout your day, so you constantly support muscle repair and growth throughout the day.


Also, don’t discount the power of beans, nuts, protein-rich grains, and even vegetables! They do contain some protein and help you reach your daily allotment.


Here are some ideas to help you get adequate protein throughout the day:

  • Start your breakfast with a veggie-filled omelet, yogurt and fruit, or a porridge made with high-protein grains like quinoa or buckwheat.
  • For lunch, eat 3-4oz of chicken or tuna, or add some chickpeas or other beans to a salad or soup.
  • Snack on fruit with some nuts or a cheese stick. Carrots & hummus are great too!
  • For dinner once again, add 3-4oz of meat, 1 cup of beans, or some poached eggs. Delish!


If you’d like to learn more about the science of protein (including the health benefits of a high protein diet), read my previous post here.


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