Two tools to help you get back to reality

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing Memorial Day ahead. I’m excited to spend today teaching yoga *IN PERSON!* outdoors at the Darwin D. Martin House in North Buffalo. 

There are lots of emotions that come with this class – I’ve stayed pretty socially distant in general over the course of the pandemic, and this is the first in-person class that I’ve taught in about a year (I taught 2 outdoor classes last summer). I’m so excited to see people, to be able to actually hear people’s breath, and to feel the power of collective mindful movement. It’ll be made all the sweeter by being in a beautiful setting in the gardens. And…I’m a little nervous! It’s a big change after many months of only online teaching. 

Perhaps you, too, are feeling a mixture of emotions as you embark on more “business as usual” activities. I’ve had clients tell me in recent weeks that they’re struggling to create a new schedule that’s balancing for their energy or that they’re fearful about how their stomach will react when they start having more social obligations. 

One of the tools I’ve been employing with clients more recently (and one that I’m using for today’s yoga class) is WOOP. We’ve been WOOPing around in-person work meetings, seeing friends after a long time apart, and staying on track with health goals.

I’ve written more about the powerful WOOP process here, but in brief, WOOP is a method to help you explore both your dreams and the potential impediments to those dreams, so that you can be prepared and more likely to make them a reality. 

I’m sharing my WOOP for outdoor yoga below so you can see how the process works. What new activities are you most excited (and/or nervous) for as you go into this summer? Reply to this email and share your WOOP (accountability is another important tool)!

And for more support on stepping back out into the world, introducing…Success Sessions!

Twice each year, I open up a few days on my calendar for these 30-minute coaching sessions.You can get an expert ear (and mind) to help you dive deep and make a plan on one area of your life that you’re feeling stuck or uncertain.

In these sessions, I bring together lessons from Ayurveda, modern psychology, yoga, and the best tools of behavioral change to understand the root cause of your issue and explore what you can do to feel confident, competent, and vibrant again.

I typically only offer multi-session packages, so this is the best way to get some quick support on the areas of your life that you need it most. 

Included in the price is a questionnaire, meeting recording, and written recap of our conversation. There are only a few sessions available so I can give my best energy and attention to each client.

These sessions are discounted and have tiered pricing, so you can choose the financial level that makes the most sense for you. 

Spots are limited, so sign up now. 

And in case you’re curious…here’s my outdoor yoga WOOP:

Wish: that I get to connect with my students, feel powerful collective energy, and have a great yoga class.

Outcome/Benefit: We experience joy and connection in a way that’s been difficult over the internet. 

Obstacle: I get stuck on my mat because of social distancing fears. There are loud noises or distractions.

Plan: If I get stuck on my mat because of social distancing fears, then I will take a deep breath, look to my students, and teach directly to them. If there are a lot of distractions or noises, I will take a deep breath and speak to the distractions with my students, inviting them to be aware and present. 

I’m looking forward to hearing what you’re WOOPing these days, and to see you on June 13th and 14th for a Success Session. Learn more and sign up here.


  Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day,   Sam


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