Āyurvedic Fertility Coaching

If you’re concerned about your hormonal balance or are struggling to get pregnant, let’s talk. 

As a doula and Āyurvedic coach, I’ve worked with people in all kinds of situations: people who have gotten pregnant without even trying, people who have had multiple miscarriages, and people who have struggled to get pregnant for months (or years), but weren’t sure what (if anything) they were doing wrong. I completely understand the fear, frustration, or confusion that can accompany conception and pregnancy.

From this experience, I know what typically DOESN’T work: robotically having sex every other day, reading tons of internet articles, or obsessing about pregnancy day and night. And while modern fertility treatments can be helpful, they are very tough on the body. Many of them perpetuate imbalances present in the body, leading to health issues down the road. 

There is another way. A way that provides side benefits, not side effects, like better sleep, improved mood, confidence, and healthy, easeful digestion.

My goal is to lend a compassionate ear and give you tailored recommendations that will bring you closer to your future baby.




Āyurvedic Fertility Coaching with Spiro Collective

The “more success, less stress” path to pregnancy includes:

  • Helping your body (and your partner’s) prepare for pregnancy
  • Regulating your hormones and learning the signs of fertility in your own body
  • Reflecting on what pregnancy and having a baby means to you

We take a holistic look at your lifestyle, diet, routines, and more to address:

  • How to reduce PMS and period symptoms
  • Understanding your hormonal health from your periods and energy levels – no hormone testing needed
  • What nutrients and foods are necessary to have a healthy cycle and successfully maintain a pregnancy (even before you know whether you’re pregnant or not)
  • Healthy ways to deal with stress – whether it’s related to pregnancy, or other aspects of life
  • Fears and uncertainties about pregnancy or having a baby


What Clients are Saying:

“After struggling for many years to get pregnant, my husband and I decided to consult Sam to see if there was something we were missing more holistically. In the throes of fertility testing and treatments, Sam listened to us without judgment and with immense compassion. Her warmth and positive energy helped guide us in creating the mental and physical space that ultimately led to us welcoming our daughter into the world. Sam is able to say difficult things in such a caring way. As part of our fertility journey with Sam, she also recommended supplements, provided Āyurvedic nutrition advice, and offered personalized Yoga sessions to complement our work together.” -Ali R.


How Āyurvedic Fertility Coaching with Spiro Collective Works

Live (Virtual) Coaching Sessions:

  • Session 1: 75-minute Āyurvedic assessment with practical, effective strategies to help you get pregnant
  • Sessions 2-4: 60-min sessions focused on the 4 Āyurvedic pillars of optimal fertility – these can be attended solo or with a partner
  • Optional: 75-minute Āyurvedic assessment for your partner
  • Detailed notes and resources are provided after each session

Structured Plan:

  • 4-day analysis of your routine, diet, exercise, sleep, and stress
  • Āyurvedic dosha assessment with personalized recommendations
  • Personalized Āyurvedic plan with daily practices, routines, exercises, and food ideas
  • 60-page Āyurveda workbook and guide

Additional Support:

  • 1 month access to Flourish in Flow, Sam’s group wellness program
  • Discounts on workshops and events for the duration of our consultation

Investment: $648

Five percent of your investment will go directly to Every Mother Counts, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating maternal mortality and elevating mothers worldwide.




The Spiro Collective Guarantee

If you don’t walk away from our first session with practical, effective strategies to help you get pregnant, I’ll give you a full refund. I tailor each of my sessions to the client in front of me.

I draw upon Āyurveda, Yoga, Buddhism, psychology, sociology, nutrition, and the best self-help experts and spiritual teachers of today to offer the strategies that I think will give you the greatest return.

I know that you’re going to walk away from our strategy session with some powerful changes you will incorporate immediately. If that’s not the case, and you want a refund – no problem. There’s no risk to you.




On the fence or uncertain if this is the right path for you? Click below for a free introductory consultation with me.