Access more energy and be free of troublesome health symptoms. With a personalized, holistic wellness plan and caring support, you’ll experience the vibrant health that lives within you.

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Sam took me from bloated and stressed out to glowing and balanced. She is worth every penny. Do yourself a favor and book her.

– Ky W.

Real Mind and Body Benefits

My clients experience a range of health issues and symptoms, including mental/emotional issues they’d like to shift or resolve. Here are real results from my work with clients:

Getting Pregnant

Years of trying to get pregnant to successfully conceiving

UTI Relief

Recurrent UTIs for multiple months in a row to free of UTIs for 14+ months

Regular Menstruation

Early menopause diagnosis to monthly menstruation

Trouble-free Periods

A decade of birth control pills to manage extremely painful and heavy periods to pill-free, manageable periods

Weight Loss

Frustrated and unable to lose weight to losing excess weight

Headache Help

Daily headaches and recurrent migraines to headache-free for 8+ months

Finding Love

Struggling to start or maintain a fulfilling romantic relationship to entering supportive long-term relationships, with 2 clients getting married

Navigating Divorce

Feeling stuck in an abusive relationship to navigating divorce and coparenting

Resolving Work Issues

Experiencing traumatic work situations to finding peaceful and rewarding employment

Feeling Confident

Codependent personal and work relationships to clear boundaries and confidence in relationships

Clear Decision Making

Conflict over maintaining vs ending relationships to feeling at peace with their decisions

More Energy

Moving through the day with fatigue to being excited and positive about the day

It’s for You

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☆ Five percent of all proceeds are donated to CGOU, whose overall mission is creating opportunities for people through education and empowerment. Much of their work is based in Baroda, India, where they supply sustenance, education, and resources to low-income children through Mahavir Foundation Trust Vadodara Chapter. ☆

My Guarantee

If you don’t walk away from your first session with practical, effective strategies to balance your health, I’ll give you a full refund.

Hi, I’m Sam, founder of Spiro Collective

I’m an Āyurvedic Health Counselor, nutrition PhD, and Yoga Instructor with over 2,500 hours of teaching experience. My superpowers are identifying the simple health habits that will make the biggest improvements to well-being and communicating those solutions in a friendly, doable way. I’ve seen the power of Yoga and Āyurveda in my life and in hundreds of students and clients, and I am honored to share this wisdom with you.

In working with me, you’ll notice that I do things a little differently than other practitioners. I bring a set of core values to all of my work – honesty, autonomy, basic goodness, presence, and joy. And as a result…

  • You’ll notice that you feel listened to and understood.
  • You’ll notice that there’s a lack of blame or judgment.
  • You’ll notice that even in the midst of hard conversations, there’s room for laughter and levity.
  • You’ll notice that you feel calmer and clearer just by being in my presence and having the conversations.

I know that you’ll feel the powerful benefits of the ancient Āyurvedic tradition. I look forward to working with you.

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