Finding one’s own place with Svadhistana – the 2nd Chakra

Svadhistana! Let’s talk about the second chakra.

The second chakra is just *fun*. It’s about joy, sensuality, and creativity. When we connect with the 2nd chakra, we connect with our creative potential and power.

Ruled by the element of water, the 2nd chakra allows us to get into the flow and find joy in life. We move from the stability and material goods of the 1st chakra to the emotions and creativity of the 2nd chakra.

Too little 2nd chakra energy? You survive, not thrive. Too much 2nd chakra energy? You might deal with issues like addiction or inability to plan ahead.

Learn how to balance the 2nd chakra in this episode using affirmation, meditation, breath, and movement.

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