Rewriting the lyrics to “you are my sunshine”

According to Wikipedia, “you are my sunshine” is the 3rd most sung song in America, following behind “Happy Birthday”. But when I started singing this song to my 3 month old son, I realized just how much I disliked the lyrics. In fact, the lyrics are the opposite of what I have learned from yoga, Buddhism, and modern relationship research to be the foundations of happiness!


And so in today’s episode, I’m breaking down the lyrics to “You are my sunshine”. I share the relationship pitfalls that the song idolizes. Then, I give my re-write that better reflects what constructive relationships and attachment looks like.


I know we’re getting deep on a children’s tune, but the words we say impact our thinking, and I don’t want to be repeating the lessons I see in that song. Check out the episode, and let me know what you think about the original song and my new lyrics!


Listen in!


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