Be Careful What You Write…Stress and Evolution Part 2

Happy Sunday!

You’ve probably heard the phrase “be careful what you wish for”, but I’d like to amend that to “be careful what you write about.”

When I wrote last week about how stress causes evolution, I wasn’t ASKING the universe to send me some stress and evolution, but alas, that’s what arrived.

Every Sunday night, I teach a virtual yin yoga class. If you’re unfamiliar, yin yoga is a slower, quieter physical yoga practice. You hold shapes for 3 to 5 minutes (these poses are often taken seated or laying on your back) and the time spent in the shape allows your muscles to relax and for you to go deep into your body’s connective tissues. It’s meditative, but also intense as you access these deeper layers of the body.

As I finished up class, I was feeling pretty good about it! And then I got a message from a friend who had taken class: “that class was great! But there was some really weird audio that made it hard to practice.”

…weird audio?

It sent me on a search to figure out what the heck had happened. It turns out that plugging in my microphone magically triggered Spotify to turn on, and everyone practicing got to hear me teach with a background of Brene Brown’s podcast. Not the most conducive atmosphere to go deeper into your body and mind.

Enter: stress.

OK. First, let me note that in the grand scheme of things, this was not traumatic or a deep problem. It wasn’t even rap music or something truly jarring. Many of the other students said that they hardly even noticed the noise, and that it didn’t ruin their experience.

But this audio issue triggered something in me. I was annoyed that the peaceful energy I was trying to cultivate in the class was being interrupted, and I had no idea. I hated that I couldn’t get feedback from my students mid-class to actually fix the issue. I missed actually being in person with my students and being able to share mental AND physical space. I wished that I could magically have an audio engineer and production team, instead of it being just me in a room with a camera (with very loving support for set-up from my husband). I was annoyed that I had reached the limits of the the Instagram Live technology. It wasn’t meant for full, studio quality classes.

Enter: evolution.

The last few weeks I have started to think long term with my virtual yoga and meditation. Most of the time (read: when there aren’t audio issues…) I LOVE teaching virtually. It means I get to invite students and friends from across town, across the country, and across the world. I’ve had students join from Canada, Spain, and Mexico. I’ve gotten to welcome people into my classes that I haven’t seen in years. It’s felt so heartening to connect deeper with my global community, and I knew that I wanted virtual offerings to be a part of my world even after quarantine is over.

I had been pondering, jotting notes, and making plans, without a goal date (and thus without a lot of motivation to finalize the details). It was the audio issues – the stress – that spurred further action. I decided that things needed to change. I needed to be able to see my students, to get in-the-moment feedback, and to connect deeper than I could by just seeing someone’s instagram username.

I also wanted to stay true to my commitment to yoga offered by donation. That’s part of a larger story, but I will say that offering yoga in this way has felt truly whole-hearted and gratifying.

Here is the evolution that came out of last Sunday’s stress:

1. I am now offering my virtual yoga and meditation on Zoom. 5 times each week, I’ll be logging on to see your beautiful faces and share the powerful yoga teachings with you. It’s still super easy to join class – we’ll use the same link for each class – and there’s no need to sign up ahead of time. You can click here to get all of the information on joining me via Zoom here (FYI it asks for your email address, but it isn’t signing you up for anything you’re not already receiving, and helps me know who is coming to class).

2. You can sign up to get access my yoga and meditation classes on demand. For $6/month, you’ll get high-quality video recordings of my classes, so you can practice any where, any time. By signing up, you’ll also be able to give input into class themes and more information and resources from class. To learn more and sign up, click here.

3. For $33/month, you’ll get the on demand classes, a discount on Ayurvedic consultations and private yoga, plus free access to a monthly two-hour workshop. Click here for more information.

4. For $111/month and get all of the above, a deeper discount on my services, AND a one-hour private yoga session each month. Get details on what goes into a private yoga/meditation session here!

WOW. This is an evolution. And an evolution I’m so excited about. The subscription model means that I’ll be able to continue offering yoga and meditation by donation. It means I don’t have to take on advertisers or sponsors on my podcast. It means I get to connect more with all of you globally, instead of just writing to you each week.

There is so much to say, but I want you to explore my livestream schedule and the subscription offerings, so I will finish by saying: thank you stress. Thank you for spurring evolution.

I hope you also find the evolution hidden within your stress as you move forward this next week.

Sending lots of love your way.

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