Tune in to the Power of Mantra

Mantras have been used throughout time as a way to focus the mind and make your wishes come true. From Indian japa mala meditation, to the Christian rosary, to affirmation and “The Secret”, all rely on the power of words to help us tune in and impact our current reality.

What We’ll Do:

Mantra means “mind tool” and it’s a specific word or phrase that helps you maintain your focus and direct your energies in a positive direction. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use mantra as a meditation practice and as a tool to shift your mindset and habits. We’ll use a vinyasa and yoga nidra practice to help you set your personal intention (sankalpa) and mantra that you can use to help you guide your next 40 days.

Who This Workshop is For:

Anyone who is interested in new techniques to help focus their mind and clear the path for new goals. No yoga experience necessary. 

When and Where:

Watch any time! Join the Sangha Membership on Patreon. For $33, you’ll get access to a recording of the workshop and free registration to future workshops. 


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