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You’re pregnant!

labor doula dc nova

OK, maybe it’s old news for you, but I’m really excited for you 🙂


You’ve probably realized there are a lot of opinions about how you “should” approach your labor and delivery. Everyone knows somebody who knows somebody who had success with some remedy or strategy, and they want to make sure that you use it, too.


That’s why it’s so useful to have a doula on your team. I provide non-judgmental support and evidence-based recommendations on all of the aspects of pregnancy and labor/delivery. I’m here to answer questions, ease fears, and share resources. I make sure that pregnancy and labor is an empowering process instead of a stressful one.


As a nutrition PhD, yoga instructor, and Ayurvedic coach, I also share powerful information and practical tools so you stay healthy and balanced throughout your pregnancy and labor.


Your doula isn’t just there for the pregnant parent. I’m also there to be a resource for your partner and support team. I don’t replace your closest family, instead, I make sure that they feel confident in supporting you. Plus, way too many dads or supporting partners pass out in the labor room because they haven’t eaten! Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen, shall we?


Labor isn’t easy, but labor doesn’t have to be miserable.


Whether you’re in a hospital or birth center, planning a vaginal or cesarean delivery, you can have a labor that puts both baby AND you at the center of care. You can be supported and strengthened by this process.


Here are the benefits my doula clients receive:

    labor doula dc nova

  • Answers to your questions around pregnancy symptoms and the labor process.
  • The evidence behind the *many* different options in pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
  • A personalized action plan that will keep you feeling safe and confident during your labor.
  • Breathing techniques, positions, and strategies you can use throughout labor to make it as comfortable as possible.
  • Tools for your support team (partner, family members, or friends) so they can best support you through labor.
  • Presence during your labor to help you stay in a powerful, positive mindset, and have a safe and comfortable delivery.
  • A personalized postpartum action plan so you’re prepared for your new baby!
  • Optional: additional nutrition support and prenatal yoga.
  • Feel good knowing that a portion of your dollars will go to support Every Mother Counts, a non-profit dedicated to providing healthcare access and prevent maternal deaths worldwide.


Packages start at $900 and include:

  • prenatal appointments
  • 24/7 on-call support between weeks 37-42
  • presence throughout your labor/delivery
  • 1 postnatal appointment
  • Optional additions: nutrition support and prenatal yoga


Your dollars will do good

labor doula dc nova

5% of all proceeds from labor doula clients goes to support Every Mother Counts, an organization dedicated to helping mothers get the health care access they need to have safe, successful births.



Kind words from past clients

Sam’s an exceptional birthing coach and I highly recommend her to others. I liked having her provide third party, rational insight during what felt like a chaotic labor/delivery. I really enjoyed the positive energy that Sam provided during the labor process.

        Delaney M., Washington, DC


During a very uncertain time, Sam offered information and support that helped me get through labor and delivery. I wish we would have started working with her sooner during my pregnancy! She was a great fit working with me and my husband to bring our son into the world.

        Kristen M., Arlington, VA



Your pregnancy and labor is a special time. Let me help you approach it with confidence and balance.

Check my availability and learn more about how I can fit into your birth plan by filling out the contact form below



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