Getting rid of the “shoulds” – an interview with social worker Jerusha Hull

jerusha hull social worker interview
Today on the podcast, we have an interview with the talented and caring Jerusha Hull. Jerusha is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the founder of Virtue Counseling in Arlington, VA. Jerusha specializes in issues particular to women such as prenatal loss, infertility, birth trauma and recovery, postpartum depression and anxiety, your role as a mother, wife, and woman as well as childhood trauma and relationship concerns. She works with women both individually and with their loved ones. Jerusha believes that every woman should have access to quality mental health care. You can find Jerusha at and on Instagram @VirtueCounseling

In our conversation, we talked about:
  • What makes a social worker different than a clinical psychologist, and how Jerusha approaches care with her patients.
  • How Jerusha has redefined what “has” to get done and is dropping the “shoulds”.
  • What Jerusha defines as success in her life as a mother, entrepreneur, wife, and friend.
Podcasts Jerusha recommends for new parents:
Come out to see Jerusha at Blue Nectar Yoga on March 3rd for The Nurture Series: Keeping the “Us” After Baby. Register here.

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