Understanding Anahata Chakra – “Courage, Dear Heart”

We’re halfway through the chakra system! Our next stop is at the heart – Anahata Chakra – the fourth chakra. 

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What is Anahata Chakra?

Anahata is at the heart, and it rules matters of the heart. It rules love (of all types), as well as our child-like love of the creation and nature around us. The heart chakra is about CONNECTION, because isn’t that what love is?


The heart chakra is considered the gateway between the very physical lower chakras (muladhara, svadhistana, and manipura) and the more ethereal and spiritually-minded upper chakras (located at the throat, third eye, and crown).


There can be a lot of doubt in the fourth chakra as we make our way from the very concrete realities of life to issues of connection and spiritual maturity.


Attributes of Anahata Chakra

Anahata Chakra is increased by the color green – the green grass and beauty found in nature.

You can also increase the vibration of Anahata through the sound “YAM”, and it’s symbol includes a star of david – essentially two triangle superimposed on each other to promote balance.


Imbalances in Anahata Chakra

Imbalances in Anahata Chakra as mentioned above often manifest as a feeling of uncertainty and doubt. “Does he love me?” “Am I making the right decision?” “How should I move forward?” — this doubt is a sign that you’re not fully connected to your heart- there’s not trust between you and the universe, leading to this doubt.


People with a weak heart chakra will be rejected, alone, or have poor immune systems.


Anahata translates to “unstruck”. We have all of these life experiences, some positive, some negative, and they affect our worldview. People with an open and strong heart chakra are able to be brave – to express courage and not be jaded. They still feel an ability to connect with a full heart.


How to Balance Anahata Chakra

You can balance Anahata chakra through affirmation:

  • I am open to love.
  • I am connected.
  • I am unlimited.
  • I’m worthy of love.
  • I move through the world with a brave heart.


You can balance Anahata chakra through yoga asana:

Open your heart with upward facing dog, as well as shoulder and heart openers. Partner yoga is great for the heart chakra!


You can balance Anahata chakra through breathing exercises:

For anahata chakra, I recommend a guided meditation that connects your heart to others.

Sit in a comfortable seat with a straight spine. Take 4 deep breaths in and out through the nose.

Imagine a bright green light located at the heart. See the warmth and light coming from this ball at the center of the chest, gently pulsing. Feel this light expand out from your body.

Then, imagine someone in your life that you’d like to feel more connected to. See them in front of you, and watch your green heart energy connect to their heart. Feel that you are sending love and connection to that person, helping them to be feel at home in their universe. Allow both of you to feel at ease, connected to the world and open in your hearts.

Send any loving or kind words that you would like to send to that person, and then slowly retract that green energy back to your heart. Take a few breaths and then open your eyes.


The benefits of balanced Anahata Chakra

You get to move through the world with confidence, connection and love. You are decisive. You are healthy. You feel in love with the whole world. There is a quiet confidence that comes from this sense of connection – you are never alone in this world.



(Want to listen to this blog post? Check out the podcast version below!)

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