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Last week, I spent a few hours working at my local grocery co-op in the middle of the day. During that time, I had a range of people occupying the seats next to me. Now, I wasn’t trying to listen in on everyone’s conversations, but it became apparent very quickly that there was a theme to many of the discussions: just about everyone was focusing on work, and just about everyone was had a pretty negative story to tell.

Some were working too hard, others weren’t given enough responsibility. Some were frustrated with the lack of team spirit, while others wanted to get away from the group as fast as possible. Still others complained that work left them so exhausted that they were unable to enjoy their time with family or friends. These conversations were not only among colleagues, but also among friends, family, or partners.

It’s not surprising that we spend so much time talking about work. Americans spend more time working than doing any other single activity besides sleep! Combine that with the fact that approximately 70% of Americans cite work as a major source of stress in their lives…no wonder work is on the forefront of our minds.

But it made me sad to hear so many negative comments! If we are indeed spending more time working than doing anything else, it is detrimental to all aspects of our lives to spend that much time in a negative mindset.

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Perhaps you are one of the many adults whose workday:

  • Leaves you exhausted
  • Does not support your health habits and lifestyle
  • Stresses you not only at work, but at home too

What if instead, at the end of your workday you:

  • Felt energized and excited for the rest of your day
  • Were happy with how you ate and moved at work
  • Were confident in your ability to handle life’s stresses

You may not be able to control all the stresses that life and work throws at you, but building healthy eating and activity practices into your workday will make you better able to handle those stresses, and ultimately be more productive, happy, and healthy at work and at home.


The Ultimate Guide to Being Happy and Healthy at Work is a 14-page guide with 9 key insights into ways to remake your workday. I break down issues ranging from the morning commute, to lunch and the end of your day, offering ways you can shift to healthier attitudes and practices. At the end of each insight, there is a “put it into practice” section, so you are equipped with the steps to change your work practices right now.

I wrote The Ultimate Guide to Being Happy and Healthy at Work because simple changes throughout your workday can lead to big results in terms of your energy, productivity, happiness, and health. This guide is all about the changes you can implement today that can impact the rest of your life.

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