Gretchen Schutte: The Power of Yin Yoga in a Yang World

Today’s interview is an absolute delight. Gretchen Schutte is an amazing yoga instructor who specializes in teaching yin, restorative, and yoga nidra. In this podcast, we dive in to her path from a Power Vinyasa yoga training to a full-time teaching career that focuses primarily on these modalities. We talk about the benefits of yin, and take a deep dive into yoga nidra – what it is, how to do it, and why it’s so powerful. Beyond that – Gretchen is an amazing teacher and has a beautiful way with words. It’s a delight just to listen to her, and there are tons of gems in this episode to help you live a more mindful, embodied life.

Gretchen Schutte is the founder of Tulaprana Yoga and host of the Peace in the Pause Podcast. She hosts Monthly Yoga & Tea Meditations at Elden Street Tea Shop in Herndon, and has a Monthly Guided Meditation Membership on her website. Gretchen always has amazing workshops going on, so check in with her Facebook page to get the latest updates and details. You can learn more about all of Gretchen’s happenings at her website, or on social media:,, and

Enjoy this amazing episode with Gretchen Schutte.

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