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Feb 16 2020


12:00 pm - 1:45 pm



Kapha Cleanse and Ayurveda Workshop

As the winter lingers, we feel more and more tired and sluggish. Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, has movement, diet, and lifestyle remedies to make us feel energized and vibrant once again. At our Kapha Clenase, you’ll learn about your personal Ayurvedic dosha, which gives you the personalized routines, diet, and exercise that will balance you. We’ll focus on busting through kapha energy to feel good this winter. We’ll also do a kapha balancing yoga practice, so come ready to sweat, laugh, and play on your mat!

About your Teacher: Samantha Attard is the founder of Spiro Collective, where she provides Ayurvedic coaching and private yoga instruction, helping clients create integrative, personalized wellness plans. Samantha saw the power of both Eastern and Western medicine for healing when she got a PhD in Nutrition at UNC Chapel Hill. Now, Samantha teaches people to live in harmony with their thoughts and the world around them, so that they can live the life that they have always wanted. Be sure to listen in to Samantha’s podcast, Happy Healthy Human Radio.

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