Fall Updates + Body Scan Meditation

Hello friends!

This episode started as just being a body scan meditation (more on that later), but as I started doing the intro, I realized there was a lot to talk about!

So this episode has two parts: a fall update (this is the first 10 minutes), and then a body scan meditation (start at minute 10:00 to experience that!)

Let’s talk about body scans! Body scan meditations are *amazing*. They’re so great for helping you relax, falling asleep, or getting in touch with your body. I currently do a body scan every morning as part of my morning meditation, and then at night to fall asleep. It’s amazing how quickly you can fall asleep when you do these scans! I also mention in the episode that body scans are great to do if you’re dealing with an illness or fear around your body. You can bring healing energy throughout the body as you do the scans, and it can feel incredibly restorative.

For the fall update – here are some important things to know:

-The new website is here!

-I am running a 4-week stress cleanse course starting September 10th! Learn more here:

-Yoga Teacher Training at Spark Yoga starts September 4th! Sign up here:

-I’m spending less time on social media these days. The best way to keep updated on me, my teaching schedule, maternity leave, plus (just a few) baby pics is to sign up for my newsletter, which you can do down below (or on!)


Thanks so much family. Enjoy this podcast!


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