The best sneakers for yogis

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My yoga student told me something I wasn’t expecting the other morning:


“Yoga is changing my feet.”


Yep. Her feet. We all know that yoga will tone up your arms, make your belly lean, and strengthen up your legs and glutes, but FEET?!

How yoga helps your feet:

Yoga improves your balance, decreases foot pain from walking, and strengthens up your ankles and leg muscles, preventing sprained ankles and other injuries.


The poses stretch out your foot muscles on the tops and bottoms of your feet in poses like upward facing dog and high lunge. In order to have your best balance for poses like tree pose and half moon, you need to articulate your toes and use muscles all along the bottom of your foot. As your foot muscles lengthen and strengthen, your arches start to rise, and your shoes can actually fit differently than before!


As you do more yoga and you gain more mobility and flexibility in your feet, a lot of shoes can feel constricting, particularly around your toes. You lose some of the flexibility and dexterity of being barefoot.


With yoga, you learn how to use all of your foot as you move, and your toes become stronger and more flexible. Most shoes act to counteract that action and can cause cramping.


I used to feel annoyed at shoes of all types. Even my running sneakers didn’t feel right, and I was afraid I was going to become one of those people who walks around barefoot all day.


The Best Sneakers for Yogis:

But then, my good friends at Pacers Running helped me out. They knew that as a yoga teacher, I’m active outside of my shoes (when I’m actually doing yoga or teaching classes), and also active in my shoes (running around to my clients all over the city).


Frank had me try on the Adidas Ultra Boost, and from the first minute I put them on, I was in love.

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Why the Adidas Ultra Boost are the best sneakers for yogis

The Ultra Boosts have a woven top that stretches and moves with your foot. The entire top of the shoe is all one piece of fabric – no tongue – so there’s no uncomfortable folds or pieces pressing into the top of my foot all day. This flexible material is breathable and light so I can wiggle my toes all day long.


Even better, the sole itself is light, so I don’t feel like I’m carrying bricks around on my feet. I have more flexibility and mobility as I run around town. I get all the benefits of going shoe-less without the fear of stepping on broken glass (or getting kicked out of grocery stores).


I’m completely in love with these sneakers because I can use them for work and for leisure. They’ve been perfect for walking, running, and even for some light hiking out in the woods.


I am a fanatical convert to the Adidas Ultra Boost, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough to my fellow yogis. Right now I’m in the black pair, but there are some other bright colors I have my eye on.


Whats’ your most comfortable pair of shoes? Sneakers, sandals, and heel recommendations are always welcome, so leave a note in the comments below!


And a final note – I’m in no way compensated by anyone for talking about these shoes. I just seriously am so in love with them! I know you’ll love them too.


  Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day,   samantha attard sig



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