Share your Truth and Balance your Throat Chakra

Ever feel anger bubbling up so that it feels like you have a volcano inside? Or maybe you’re trying, desperately, to keep the tears held in, but they just keep welling up to your eyes, again and again and again.


Welcome to the ways we try to stifle and control the Throat Chakra.

The Throat Chakra – known as Vishuddha. One of the 7 energy centers recognized throughout the body. It’s centered right at our throat and relates to our thyroid function.


The throat chakra is about communication. It’s about taking our plentiful, messy, complex inner life and showing it to the world. This can be scary (talk about the understatement of the century).


Sharing our inner life is so scary because this inner world that we want to share is built from our lower 4 chakras which themselves carry a lot of energy. These chakras organize our cultural background, our families, our experiences, our sense of self and self-esteem, and our values and desires. This is quite the cocktail of experiences, and their culmination is always unique and personal.


My truth, my values, my understanding of the world isn’t like yours. Even if you have a twin, you have had unique experiences.


And here’s one difficulty of sharing our truth with the world: we don’t have 100% validation of these ideas. No one can reflect the exact same values and experiences (though of course we can catch glimpses), so sharing our truth is vulnerable. We have to get outside of our comfort zone.


So remember that rage building up, or those tears that you can’t keep down? Tht reflects an imbalance in the throat chakra. It reflects either tamping down our feelings so much that we can’t share them in a constructive, compassionate way (hence the rage), or that we can’t even allow ourselves to believe these words are worth sharing (hence the tears).


Our inner life is huge. And if we keep everything inside, its energy slowly gathers steam until it can’t be held. Instead, get a release valve. Learn how to share early and often, so that you don’t erupt.


How to start sharing your truth bravely and compassionately:


Start sharing. Start sharing your opinions, even if they differ from others around you. Start small – books, movies, things that are not so wrapped up with your identity and background. Take this moment to disagree, to share your opinion and your why. You’ll get better and better at it over time.


If you fear sharing because you think your opinion is unpopular – consider if there’s something your missing. We all have a limited lens from which we view the world, so find someone that disagrees with you, and tell them: “I’m trying to understand your position better, and I’d like to hear why X is so important to you.” Then- listen. Ask more questions. Listen again. Go home. Process. See how or if that refines your feelings, which you can now share from a more balanced perspective.


Realize that emotion is normal, acceptable, and needed. You’re allowed to be disturbed by something, to have a question, or need to say something. Protecting others from your sadness can feel like you’re being “strong”, but it might just be causing a larger volcano of feeling inside. So start with a journal, the voice memos app on your phone, or a run. Gather your thoughts, and then ask yourself – “does this need to be shared? What does that give to me or others? How can I share this in a compassionate way?” With these questions answered, you can speak your truth with integrity and strength.


Other practices to balance the throat chakra


  1. Share your feelings in a journal, therapy, a group, or through art.
  2. Ujjayi breath: feel the slight constriction in the throat as your breathe in and out through your nose. This vibration helps you be aware of your throat.
  3. Hum. Hum a song or just a single note to feel the energy and vibration in your throat area. Envision healing light and sound balancing your energy in your throat space.


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